Artist Statement

I forgot what it is and it’s been a while since our lecture asked us to make a resume and CV. Though I joined some art affair, I never really thought about writing any statement about my artwork. So I took my time, do a lil bit Googling, found an example in Wikipedia, and then created two long pargraphs. It brings such a feeling of being an artist. As if, from now on, I am going to be very serious.

I’ts been a while, too, since I tried to write in English. Though I enjoy reading English text or stories, or listen to some radio podcast, I still feel a bit of strange when I face the blank page. There is another feeling when I write this Artist Statement; I am a criminal to be an artist. I made mistake and I supposed not to be one. It is very unsual (to be an artist) and I must create two long paragraphs to make them (the audience) forgive me.

Anyway, I wrote this statement for my latest art exhibition:

Long before I decided to be an artist, I always want to be a writer. Working with words and fill the blank with ideas, concept, and then arrange thought by thought through sentences. Asked myself a question to start and then perform the answer at last paragraph. Books are such a company. I joined science club’ and wrote pityful research about soil and farming. I bought myself some cool book notes and then started a novel alone. I created a map like J.R.R. Tolkien did, and make a silly font wich only be able to be read by the elves. Though I know I wanted to be a novelist since high school, I was not quite sure to take Literature at University. Finally I took Fine Art at ISI Yogyakarta at 2011. I still have my spare time now to write some short stories and tried to finish some old draft.

Statement Of The Artist
Art, is another form of language. It has its own grammar and has it own way to let the idea flow from the artist to the audience. We can feel the rythm of Renoir and we understand how lonely Van Gogh was. It has its own nature, and some great painter creating us universe. They created us ‘language’. We can speak about apple on the table in a very interesting way like Picasso or Dali. Or we can be a bit scientist as Monet; studying colors and light. Representing the world as true as it can be.
I found life of every artist is true. They are true to what they see or experience. They found us rule. Knowing “how to see” was a great invention in my life. I tried to create my own language to represent my experience of seeing or thingking. From the language of Indonesian Life, or form of folklore in Indonesian Sasak fairy tale.

Last Day at School, oil on canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm, 2014, Huda Tula

The artwork above is one of my ‘language’ to tell a story about Indonesian daily life. I hope it’s very Indonesia.

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